Update Plates Tool

Update measurements of your plate

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
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The Update Plates Tool can update a plate's sample volume, concentration, or mass by uploading a CSV file of new values.

This tool takes in a selection of plates/tubes and updates aliquot extended properties

Input: Plates/Tubes
Output: Plates/Tubes

You can access this tool in the Build platform by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

First, choose one or more plates to update by clicking Select Plates and checking the checkboxes for your desired plates. Once done, click Select Plates again on the dialog box.

You can now update the plate with list of different measurement options

  1. Volume

  2. Concentration

  3. Molarity

  4. Mass

Once you've decided which measurement you want to update you can click on Download CSV of Current Plate(s) button and add your new values in it.
Note: Keep in mind that the downloaded CSV will contain measurement type and values as per your selection type.

(You may have a workflow where you transform your DNA material to microbial material and in that condition the concentration and it units may not be relevant. In that case you can update them through this tool.)

Once you're done making changes to the template, upload the file ( .csv, .txt, .xlsx) and click on the Submit button.

You plate(s) will now be successfully updated.

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