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How to use TeselaGen's new Project feature

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Note: This requires Project mode to be enabled for your instance. If you'd like to use the new project feature, please contact someone at TeselaGen for help.

Projects in TeselaGen help you keep the data for your different experiments separate from each other. The active project is chosen via the Project Switcher at the top left of the app:

Projects automatically add Project Tags

Once you've chosen a project, all new records that are created or imported will automatically get the selected project tag. The two sequences below were added with the "Demo" project active:

Notice the light blue Demo Project Tags under the Projects column

Projects also act as a filter

If you switch to a different project, you'll no longer see those sequences:

This automatic filtering can be useful when you already have 1000's of records in your libraries. Starting a new project lets you focus on just the new data you've imported.

Records can live in multiple Projects

Just because a DNA or Amino Acid Sequence is already in a project doesn't mean it can't be used in another. From every library you should be able to right-click and choose "Change Project":

This will bring up the option to move those records to other projects:

Let's add them to the "Garima" project:

Now if we move to the Garima project, we can see our sequences there:

Creating new Projects

New Projects are created from Settings > Projects:

Click the green plus button to start making a new project:

All users are allowed to create new projects, but only Project Admins are allowed to edit existing Projects for which they are admins. (System admins can edit any project in any way).

Let's make a new project named Project_Stevia! The creator must be a Project Admin, and I'll also make Tiffany Dai a Project Admin as well. (Note: Project Admins are automatically added as Project Members and don't need to be added in both places)

Right-click the record if you need to edit it:


  • Nested records aren't automatically added when manually assigning a parent record to a new project. For example, when I moved the DNA sequences above into the Garima project, their related Parts were not moved. I'd need to manually change the parts to the project I wanted. We are working to add options to make it easier to include nested records when moving entities to/from new projects.

  • There is currently no option to view "All Projects". We're also working on adding this!

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