Dehydration Tool
Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
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The Dehydration Tool dehydrates liquid aliquots on plates or racks.

You can access this tool in the Build platform by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

First, choose a wet plate or rack to dehydrate by clicking Select Plates and checking the checkbox for your desired plate. Once done, click Select Plates again on the dialog box to complete your action.

You can view your plate by clicking on the eye icon.

Make sure the aliquots on the wet plate have volume and concentration information as these will be used for calculating the mass.

Note: If you select an already dry plate, you will receive an error.

Click on Submit to initiate the dehydration action.

The dehydrated sample will now be represented by an orange color in the well-plate.


You can rehydrate the plate from the plate record view, by clicking on Update.

A dialog box will open up from where you can click on the drop down bar for Plate Hydration and click on Rehydrate.

You can insert the measurements in the respective fields and update units if required. Once you click on "Submit" the sample will be rehydrated as represented by the blue color.

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