Creating Feature Groups

How to create Feature Groups (also known as lists/libraries)

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Feature Groups (or Part Groups) can be used to annotate your DNA sequences in bulk. For instructions on how to Auto Annotate in the app, please see:
To set up a group, first navigate to your settings page and click "Features" under "Annotations" or head to this route: settings/feature-management

Register Single Feature

Once you're there, you can start to "Register" your first features by clicking Register Features. Registering a feature is just a nice way to say, hey, this feature annotation is important and canonical and can/should be identified in other sequences.

In the dialog that pops up, you'll see you have several options:

The simplest thing you can do is to manually input a new "registered" feature:

If you want you could also add it to a new (or existing) feature group. Groups are used for Annotating your Sequences. We'll make a new group and add it to it:

You should see a message that registration has been successful and see the new feature in your Registered Features Library:

Register From CSV or ApE File

Click Register Features again, but this time click the third tab in the dialog:

Click the three-dot menu to the side of the upload field to download an example CSV file:

If we open the downloaded file we should see something like this:

Let's go ahead and upload that file and add those new features to our group TG Lab Features:

After hitting submit, you should see those 2 new features in your library:

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