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Containers are things like Shelves, Racks, and Drawers that contain other things. The BUILD module gives you several default container types, but you can create your own as well. The help article Equipment and Container Types shows you how. For our purposes, we need only to go to Inventory > Containers to see the container record view and create a new container.

Create New Container

We can create a new container, in this case, a recycling bin, using the 'New Container' button.

After submission, you can view your new container in the container record view.

Note: Currently editing a container's name or label is not allowed. In order to rename it first delete it and then re-create it. In future releases, you will be able to edit container names, labels, and positions more directly.

Search Containers

One of the strengths of the TeselaGen platform is its great search capabilities. To search through your containers, you can easily filter your containers down to a reasonable subset, then check their contents. In the case below, we are looking in our lab under 'Refrigerator' then checking the shelves for our microtiter plates of interest.

Clicking on Shelf 1 in the 4°C Refrigerator brings me to the record view for the shelf and shows me its contents. Nice.

Note that if you click on the plate name link as shown below, you will be taken to the plate record view for that plate.

From the plate record view, shown below, you can easily move the plate to a new location using the 'Move Plate' button.

In this case, lets move it to Shelf 2 of that same refrigerator.

The plate is now safe and sound it its new location.

It is very easy to move large numbers of items all at the same time. Check out the help article on Moving Plates and Tubes Around the Lab to see how it's done!

You can find more detailed definitions of the terms mentioned in this article in the glossary.

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