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Create Data Table from Plate tool
Create Data Table from Plate tool

Filter sample types from your plates

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
Updated over a week ago

The Create Data Table from Plate tool takes in one or more plates as input and generates a data table (currently limited to sample QC).

This tool is used to generate a list of the samples on the plate and indicates which ones are valid and which ones are invalid.

You can access the tool from the BUILD module's Tool Library. Click on Launch Tool to start the process.

Once inside the table, you can select a data table type from the dropdown. You can either choose an invalid sample list or a valid sample list. This tool currently only supports Sample QC data tables.

Once you've selected your type of data table and plates, you can click on the Next button for the tool to filter our your specified sample type from the plate.

Now you move to the Review Data step where you can both review the data and provide a name for your table.

Click on submit and finish the process. You will now have your data table which indicates the specific sample status (either valid or invalid).

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