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Create your orders for Twist directly from TeselaGen

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This Twist Ordering Tool allows you to select sequences to order linear, double stranded DNA fragments from Twist. The tool scores selected sequences to ensure they meet Twist's build constraints, prices the sequences, and outputs an order form. You can plug these tools into your workflows to create your synthesis order files as well.

You can access this tool in the BUILD module by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

You can select your sequences through different methods:

  1. Select Data Tables

  2. Select Sequences

Select Data Tables

You can select table/s of primary templates or assembly pieces to help choose sequences. These can be generated from the PCR Planning and DNA Assembly Construct Selection tools. A dialog box will open up where you can select your relevant data tables. Once done click Select Data Tables at the bottom right of the dialog box, followed by Next on the main window.

Select Sequences

You can select the sequences you want to order by clicking the Select Sequences button. A dialog box will open up from where you can select your desired sequences by clicking on the relevant checkboxes. Once done click Select Sequences at the bottom right of the dialog box, followed by Next on the main window.

This will take you to the Score & Price step where you can:

  1. View sequence name and length

  2. Select from Twist's list of supported cloning and expression vectors

  3. View the sequence score: This tells you whether Twist is able to synthesize a particular sequence, or whether it requires a vector due to size constraints. Users can rescore individual sequences (refresh icon) or all of them if any server-side errors are encountered.

  4. Estimated Price: This gives you the price of the sequences for synthesis. You can also see the estimated price total of your order on the top right of the window.

Once the sequence scoring has completed, provide an order name and then click Submit at the bottom right of the window.

Your order is now completed. You can click the Created DNA Order link to view your order, export it or update it's metadata.

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