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Sample Quality Control Tool
Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
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The Sample Quality Control Tool allows users select input plates from inventory and upload a CSV or excel file of sample statuses to update the plate with. Two data tables will be output by the tool, one listing valid sequences and one listing invalid sequences.

You can access this tool in the Build platform by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

Once Inside the tool, click Select Plates, choose one or more plates by checking the corresponding boxes, and then click Select Plates once again.

You can implement two different types of Quality Controls on your samples

  1. For updating the status of the entire sample, select Sample Status

  2. For running any number of specific QC Checks, select QC Check and then choose which checks you would like to update.

Upload a sample QC file that assigns a sample status to each sample in the selected plates above.

For Sample Status you have to upload a sample QC file that will provide you an output depending on your experimental requirements.

The default columns for your QC file should be

Plate Name

Plate Barcode

Well Location

Sample Status

The samples from your well-plate will now be updated with their respective QC status i.e. either Valid or Invalid in their aliquot, which will make it easier for you to annotate or point out specific samples.

You can view it by clicking on Updated 1 Input Plates > Sample Name

This information will also feed into the Aliquot Rearray tool from where you can find separate tables for valid and invalid samples, you can find more information about it here, This will help you to move your valid samples to a new plate, and also allow you to rework on the invalid samples.

Moreover you also view the generate tables by going to

Build > Data > Data tables

You can also use the tool for a Quality Control check specific to your experiment while keeping track of your individual data. For example; on the kind of PCR | Gel you're running

In order to define the parameters of your QC Check go to

Build > Settings > Quality Control Checks (Type Settings)

Click on the add (+) icon to name and describe your QC check and then click on the "submit" button once done.

You will be able to view and select the QC check on the main Sample Quality Control tool view. You can download the sample file template and add your parameters for QC check in it and then upload it.

Once done click on Update 1 Input Plates to see the results of QC checks for the samples in your aliquot.

Updated 1 Input Plates > Sample Name

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