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Planning your experimental worklists on Teselagen

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The Worklist Planning Tool allows the user to select an input reaction map and one or more input plates and tubes. The reaction map will be used to plan a worklist that transfers input materials to wells on the destination plate where the reactions will take place.

You can access this tool in the Build platform by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

First, click on the Select Reaction Map button to start planning your worklist.
A dialog box will open up containing the reaction map/s of your experiment, once selected click on the the Select Reaction Map button.

Choosing, adding and removing plates:

You will get a table with your reactions which you can move to the well-plate. You can distribute the reactions both manually and automatically.
​Plate Type: You can chose your well-plate type from a list plates in BUILD from the New Plate Type search bar as indicated by 1 in the image below. It offers you 8 different kinds of plates to choose from.

You can also add or remove a distribution plate by clicking in either the plus (+) or bin icon, respectively, as indicated by 2 in the image below.

Distributing reactions on reaction plate:

  • Manually: Use your cursor to drag and drop your reactions in your desired well

    • You can also drag multiple reactions and place them on the plate.

    • Moreover you can drag and drop multiple reactions in a single well by checking the "Enable Multiple Reactions Per Well" check box as indicated by 3 in the image below.

  • Automatically: By clicking on the Distribute Reactions button you can distribute all the reactions on your well-plate, as indicated by 4 in the image below. TeselaGen also allows you to personalize the direction of distribution as indicated by 5 in the image below.

Now you will head over to selecting your source plates with materials, tubes and volumes for your reactions.

To select plates with source materials for reactions click on the Select Plates button and from the new dialog box check the relevant plate followed by click the Select Plates button.

Now you can define the volume of your source materials. You can either do it manually for each source material or you can do it automatically checking the Apply Universal Transfer checkbox.

Once done click on the Next button to review your worklist.

In the Review Worklist screen you can

  1. Name/Rename your worklist

  2. Choose the destination transfer order

  3. Review the table with your reaction map.

Once done click on the Generate Worklist button.

After you have successfully planned your worklist you can click on Launch Execute Worklist Tool. This tool takes in one or more worklists with optional reaction maps to be executed in the lab. The tool validates that the source and destination materials both exist and have the appropriate volumes/capacity. If the worklist is valid, executing the tool updates the affected plates in your lab's inventory.

Find more about it here

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