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Protein Purification Planning Tool
Protein Purification Planning Tool
Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
Updated over a week ago

The Protein Purification Planning Tool takes input plates, tubes or plate map groups of DNA or Microbial materials, finds the associated protein materials and generates "outputs" a protein purification reaction map.

You can access this tool in the Build platform by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

Note: Before using this tool, make sure that you have uploaded the protein materials that correspond to the relevant DNA sequences from the inputs, otherwise you will see the error below.

Once Inside the tool, click Select Plates, choose one or more plates by checking the corresponding boxes, and then click Select Plates once again.

You can preview your plates by clicking on the preview icon adjacent to the plate name. Once viewed you can close it and then click on the next button to review your purification reactions.

Here you can you check the generated proteins and their corresponding plasmids and name your reaction map. Once done, click on the Generate Reaction Map and your protein purification will be completed successfully. You can view your reaction map by clicking the link on the submission screen and it will open it up in a new tab on your browser.

Once completed, you can head over to the Protein Purification Tool to transform input DNA or microbial materials to protein materials.

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