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Create Freezers and Refrigerators to manage your samples

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Taking care of the Freezer and keeping track of its contents is very important to those of us who manage labs. The TeselaGen BUILD module is particularly well suited for partially or fully automated freezer management. You can place plates and tubes into any configured freezer manually, or use an automated placement strategy that finds a location for you. In addition, the use of our API endpoints and our database integration tooling will allow you to interface with existing management systems, automated freezer systems, alarms, and environmental management systems, in much the same way we can interface with laboratory liquid handlers and analytic instruments.

Freezer Setup

Freezer set up is remarkably easy with our freezer setup tool. To access the tool, go to Inventory > Equipment.

Instead of using the 'New Equipment' button, go instead to 'New Freezer'. This will launch the New Freezer setup tool and save you lots of time creating the nested hierarchy of a lab freezer used for storing important samples. After entering your preliminary freezer metadata, the Freezer Setup screen will look like this.

Now, use the 'Add Container' button to open the configuration tool and flesh out the hierarchical configuration of your freezer.

Our goal, in this case, is to model the configuration of a -80°C Freezer organized as follows.

We see from the equipment record view for this freezer, accessed via Inventory > Equipment, has the same configuration as in our illustration, with 100 Cryo Samples/Box going into 20 Cryo Boxes/Rack, going into 5 Cryo Rack/Shelf, going nto 4 Cryo Shelves for a total capacity of 40,000 Cryo Samples.

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