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Inventory check on samples, reagents, and equipment

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This tool takes in a plate map group and searches inventory for samples containing the materials of the plate map group. It outputs the updated plates and a data table to track them.

You can find more detailed definitions of the terms mentioned in this article in the glossary.

Input: Plate Map Group

Output: Plates

You can find the Inventory Check tool under Tools > Tool Library. Click on ‘Launch Tool’ to start using the tool.

The tool will walk you through several steps. You need to complete each step before proceeding to the next. After completing a step, the completed step mark (circle) will turn green with a checkmark. You can always use the ‘previous’ button to go back to any previous step.

  1. Inventory Check: The first step is to select the plate map group you wish to check. Let's Check the first one listed in the dialog box 'PCR Plate Map'.

Selecting the Plate Map Group results in the following 'No valid materials found on plate map group'.

Let's try again by clicking on 'Change Plate Map Group' and this time selecting the Combinatorial Golden Gate PCR input materials.

This time the tool lets us know that this is a valid set of samples with appropriate materials, and lists them for inspection.

2. Review: In this step, we are asked to review the updated plates and to name the Table.

Submit: Finally, clicking 'Submit' completes to tool and provides us with some links to the relevant data used and created by the tool.

The selected Plates:

And the Inventory Check Table:

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