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Find out if your DNA is manufacturable and how much it will cost

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The Online DNA Ordering tool allows you to select a set of sequences to order from external synthesis providers, tests whether the sequences are able to be synthesized according to the vendors' build constraints, and creates an online order. The vendors that are supported at this moment are Twist ( and Integrated DNA Technologies ( The DNA types that are supported at this moment are only linear dsDNA fragments.

Input: Selection of DNA Materials

Output: Downloadable Order Form and Order Data Table

You can find the ‘Online DNA Ordering’ tool under Tools > Tool Library. Click ‘Launch Tool’ to start using the tool.

The tool will walk you through a few steps to select your DNA synthesis vendor, select and score the sequences that you want to order. You need to complete each step before proceeding to the next. After completing a step, the completed step mark (circle) will turn green with a checkmark. You can always use the ‘previous’ button to go back to any previous step.

1. Select Vendor: In this step you can select a vendor for ordering DNA. Although our platform can integrate with multiple vendors, note that just one or a few vendors might be shown in the list because we need to manually activate each vendor in your institutional account.

2. Select DNA: In this step you will be able to select the DNA sequences that you are interested in ordering. After you click on the "+ DNA" button near the top left, you will be shown a list of DNA sequences contained in your DNA sequence library.

Select as many sequences as you like by checking the boxes to the left of each entry. Given that our platform communicates to the DNA synthesis vendor's API to check the pricing and buildability of each sequence, the longer the list of sequences that you select, the longer it might take for the tool to run and return the results.

After clicking on the "Submit" button, you will see the selected list of sequences, with its corresponding name, length, score, errors, and estimated price. The score will indicate a green checkbox if the DNA sequence can be synthesized by the vendor. If not, a list of errors might be shown indicating why the vendor cannot synthesis that particular sequence. Also, an estimate of the price for each sequence is provided.

(If an error appears you can click the checkbox with the sequence name and then either click the rescore button or click on the remove icon next to it)

After selecting the checkboxes of the DNA sequences that you want to order, you will be able to check the estimated total price for your selection, in the summary report displayed at the right of the list of DNA sequences. When satisfied with the selections, click ‘Next’ to go to the next step.

3. Download Order Forms: Finally, in this step you will be able to review the pricing information, and download the order form that can be used to send it directly to the DNA synthesis vendor.

After exporting your order submission form (by clicking on the 'Export as CSV' button), you can finish the process by clicking on the ‘Finish Ordering Tool’ button. You will then be notified that the DNA Ordering process has completed, and there is a link to open the sequence data table containing the sequences that you wanted to order.

If you click on the link to the Order Sequence Data, you will see the sequences with their corresponding names, as well as some metadata about the DNA ordering process that was run.

You can also use the Bioshop feature from the top navigation bar to place an order.

More detail about it are here

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