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How to use our eCommerce from BUILD module

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
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BioShop is an eCommerce application embedded in TeselaGen’s BUILD module that allows you to order DNA molecules (from Twist, IDT and GenScript) without leaving the platform. 

In Synthetic Biology a fundamental step of the workflow is to actually build new constructs. Indeed, when buying molecules, researchers are used to access directly to vendors’ stores. This action hinders the build workflow and makes it more difficult to trace back from which assembly report each of the sequences belong. All of  this is accentuated if we shuffle different types and amounts of genetic material stocks for laboratory work. 

Teselagen’s BioShop is a DNA vendor aggregator that automatically traces each of the ordered sequences to the corresponding assembly report. This is done in just three steps:

1) Vendor selection

After clicking the “BioShop” option from the top menu bar of the BUILD module choose the “New Order” option, this will open a view where you can select the DNA vendor you want to order from. We currently support Twist and are working to add more vendors like IDT, GenScript and others. In addition, you will need to "Select the type of material" (for now, we only offer the "DNA" option but we are working on adding other types). To continue, click "Submit".

2) Sequence scoring and selection

After completing step 1, you’ll see a new panel as shown in the image below. On the right-hand side you’ll have a quick order summary that will update after adding the sequences to your order by clicking the “+DNA” button in the left corner of the panel. Once you select your sequences, BioShop evaluates them (checking buildability). If the sequence is unbuildable you will see an error on the scoring column. Hover your cursor over the error alert to see a tooltip with more details. In addition to that, as you see in the image below, you can define a vector for each sequence by selecting a Cloning or Expression vector from the menus in the “Vector” column. Moreover, you can see an estimated price at the last column of the panel.Once you have decided which sequences to order, select them by checking the box next to the name; this will calculate the estimated total in the summary on the right. You can also give your order a name and add some comments in the respective fields. If everything is correct, just click the “Next” button.

3) Order review and submission

In the last step you can check the complete order in a new view as you can see in the image below. On the left-hand side you will see an order summary with the vendor, the total amount of items and the total price. In the table of the panel you’ll see a list of the selected materials for ordering with their respective length, sequence and price. Just below that, you’ll see the specific vendor’s order submission, in this example as “Order Submission to Twist”. Here you generate aCSV file of your order by clicking the “Export as CSV” button, then you'll be able to submit it by clicking the hyperlink that communicates with the vendor’s UI and finalize the ordering. Then just click the “Finish Ordering Tool” to close it.

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