Description: This tool is used to concatenate multiple worklists into a single worklist which can be used to guide automation.

Input: Multiple worklists

Output: Single Worklist

Prerequisite: Two or more worklists outputted from other tools (Normalization, Plate Prep, Plate Reformatting, etc)

You can find the ‘Concatenate Worklist' tool under Tools > Tool Library. Click ‘Launch Tool’ to start using the tool. This tool consists of only one step, which is to select the worklists you want to concatenate, order them, and submit.

1. Select Inputs: Select the worklists you want to concatenate.

2. Order and name the new worklist: Order the input worklists for concatenation and chose a name for the output worklist.

3. Submit: After submission, you will have created a single output worklist. You can click on the 'Created 1 Worklist' to visit that worklist.

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