How to generate a useful worklist automatically fed by your workflow.

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
Updated over a week ago

TeselaGen’s BUILD module has many of the functional features that a traditional LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) has. However, the uniqueness of BUILD lies on its additional tools, such as the ability to translate computed designs to worklists, which might be particularly useful if you’re thinking on automation; it is also useful if you don’t do it yet. 

A worklist basically is a CSV or TXT file with commands consisting of individual lines (or records) with data and instructions for your liquid handler machines. Generally a worklist is a type of output that you can get from executing a specific tool individually or as part of  a workflow run. When finalizing a tool that generated a worklist you will see a link that opens a view of that worklist, from there you can export it choosing from the liquid handler formats that we support. Whenever you have produced one with our tools, you will find a button that will allow you to export it at the end of each step.

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