BioMek Worklist

A closer look at the BioMek worklist format

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
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As we saw previously a worklist is essentially a CSV or a text file with information (commands consisting of individual lines or records with data and instructions) for the liquid handler machines. Exporting an BioMek worklist from BUILD results in a .csv file following this format:

  • Source Plate Name, Source Well, Destination Plate Name, Destination Well, Transfer Volume

  • Transfer volumes are in nL.

  • Wells are identified through alphanumeric coordinates.

  • If the source well is a reservoir, label it well A1

BioMek 4000 Software Tutorial (PN A99502AA, October 2012)

  •  ‘Inserting a Transfer From File Step for Reaction Setup’ (pages 5-11 to 5-15)

If you use Microsoft Excel to create or edit a CSV file for import, ensure that the standard separator for lists is a comma, and the decimal symbol is a period (i.e. in Windows, under Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Change date, time, or number formats > Formats > Additional Settings > List separator & Decimal symbol). Save your edited table in CSV format before closing Excel. 

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