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The top menu is found on top of your screen, there, you have easy access to TeselaGen's software features.

Written by Daniela Alvarez
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The landing page automatically opens on the module “Design” (however, notice that you can go to the Build, Test, and Discover modules by clicking on their icons on the left panel). There, you will see a list of all your recent designs, sequences, and DNA Assembly reports with their creation/modification date.


On the upper part, you will see the Explorer Menu. This allows you to have easy access to the libraries, that hold all of your essential biological information


On the left side of the upper menu, you can see the project you’re working on and change between projects. To learn more about project creation and access to projects go to Account Types.


On the right side, you can see your notifications, where you can see updates such as the status of the run while the DNA assembler is working, comment updates/replies, etc. To open a notification, double-click on it.

Notice that you can mark all as read or go to your notification settings.

Themes and Global Search Tool

The light/dark themes icon changes the general appearance depending on your preferences. Next to it, you can access the global search tool (or using the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + shift + space). This tool searches across libraries, and you can open an item after the search by single-clicking on it or selecting to view all matching records in their respective libraries.

This tool also uses tags to filter the search. You can select tags by clicking on the “Tag” icon.

User Options

On the last icon of the Top Menu, you will see your profile information, where you can access the user options.

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