How to setup and use reports in Build module

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To start setting up a Report, navigate to the Report Library via Data > Reports.

and click the New Report button

Let's break down some of these fields:

"Schema" is the layout for the report generated table.

"Query" is a fragment of data that we want to fetch from our Graphql endpoint.

"Report Hook Source" is where this report will be accessed from. Ex. Plate lets us launch this report from the Plate record view

"Report Hook Type" is the primary entity we are querying.

"ID Field Name" is used for filtering the query

After creating the report we are left with a boring page:

This is telling us that the report will not display any info unless launched with an ID of a different record.

To do let's create a microbial material plate and visit its record view.

We now have a select with a launch report button. We can select our report name above and click launch report.

Here is the custom report table with our data displayed in the format we chose. We can view/search this table and also export it using the export button in the footer.

This was a simple example but you can deeply customize this table view with lot's of data. Feel free to reach out for help setting up a custom report view!

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