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The IDT Ordering Tool allows you to select sequences to order linear, double stranded DNA fragments from IDT. The tool scores selected sequences to ensure they meet IDT's build constraints, prices the sequences, and outputs an order form. You can plug-in this tool to your workflows and create your synthesis order files.

The IDT Ordering Tool also supports both Single-Stranded Oligos and Double-Stranded Fragments.

This tool can accessed in the BUILD module by clicking on Tools from the top navigation bar and typing it on the Tool Library search bar as shown below.

Once you've found the tool, you can click on Launch Tool to access it.

Once inside the tool you can select from IDT's available product types by clicking on the Product Type drop-down.

This automatically filters the sequences you are going to view in the inventory once you click on Select Sequences i.e. if you select Single-Stranded Oligos our system will show you only those and if you choose Double-Stranded Fragments you will only see them.

In this example we are going to create an order for Single Stranded Oligos. Once you have marked the check-boxes for the sequences you want to synthesize you can Click on the Select Sequences button as marked by .4 in the image below, followed by clicking Next.

You will next be taken to the Custom Options tab where you have to select

  • Container Type

    • Tube

    • Plate

Once you have selected the container type you will then be provided another set of options to select depending on your container type.

  • Purification (Optional)

    • Standard Desalting

    • PAGE

    • HPLC

    • IE HPLC

    • RNase Free HPLC

    • Dual HPLC

    • Dual PAGE & HPLC

Once done, click on Next and it will take you to the Score and Price DNA tab where you can check if the selected Oligo can be synthesized or not, and what the price of individual oligo and the whole order will be.

Make sure to click all the Oligos you want to be synthesized and give your order a name by filling the Order Name box.
(Note: The oligos that have a scoring warning can't be synthesized unless you make some changes in your order added depending on the error instructions. Some errors arise because the sequence length is too short or long for the vendor)

Finally click on Submit and your IDT Order will be successfully created.

You can view it by clicking on the blue colored Created 1 DNA Order text.

Here you can view your order in the form of a table and also export it in the form of CSV which you can then upload to the IDT synthesis platform.

You can follow the same procedure for creating an order for Double-Stranded Fragments.

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