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Visualize your data in the form of charts on TeselaGen

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
Updated over a week ago

The TeselaGen TEST module enables you to visualize your data in the form of charts.

You can use this feature to graphically analyze your data and present it.

We have created a sample set to help you walk-through how to implement data visualization and what features it contains.

  • Access your Assays in TEST module from the top navigation bar.

  • Click on Open from the Options column for your specific data set.

  • From the Data Analytics screen you can switch between table and charts view.

  • Click on Charts and you will be to switch to the charts view.


  • The visualization is adaptable for both the light and dark screen mode.

  • You can identify and distinguish your subjects and measurements with the help of different shapes and colors.

  • You can also change the scale of chart view to minimize or maximize the data-points you can vuew.

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