Extended Properties (aka Custom Fields)

How to create an Extended Property to customize the data you're saving and viewing

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Extended Properties (aka Custom Fields) - You can add extended properties to a number of different record types in both DESIGN and BUILD. When you add an extended property, it will show up in the Library for that record type and on the record view itself.

Setting up an Extended Property

You can add extended properties from Settings > Teselagen Settings > Extended Properties > New Extended Property:

The first step to creating an extended property is choosing the overall type:

Next, you'll select the Item Type, give the Extended Property a name, and choose the type of value:

Reconfiguring an Extended Property

Once an extended property has been created, we don't allow editing all of its fields in case the property has been already associated with one or more records:

Adding an Extended Property to a Record

Now that we've created the Extended Property resistance_cassette on Sequences, we should be able to edit those properties from the sequence library:

That brings up a dialog that looks like so:

From here I can choose the extended property I'd like to update and fill in a value for it:

When I hit Add Extended property:

After hitting OK, you'll be able to see the value you just added in our new custom column:

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