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Design Review Configuration

How to set up a design review workflow for your lab

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Note: Only admins can set up a design review workflow.

Navigate to App Settings > Design Review. You should see a page like:

Click the Add Review Step button. You should see this dialog:

How you decide to set up the review process depends on what the review process looks like in your lab.

Let's imagine we have a lab where we first want two other members of the lab to approve a design, and then we want one of the two PIs to give a final stamp of approval.

We'll name the first step Team Review and add the members of our lab:

There are no prerequisite steps for us to choose because this is the first step we're adding. Here's what it should look like after we add it:

Hit Add Review Step again and let's add the PI review step:

We're choosing our 2 PI's as possible reviewers (Admin and Mike Fero) and we choose Team Review as a Prerequisite.

Here's what it looks like when it's all done:

We've finished adding our two review steps. Now, let's go ahead and see what the approval process looks like for users in the tutorial Design Review Process.

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