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Moving Plates and Tubes Around the Lab
Moving Plates and Tubes Around the Lab

Moving any number of plates and tubes from one place to another.

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Once you have samples in containers and those containers are somewhere in the lab, you can move them quite easily. We will show you how to do it manually, which is very useful for everyday lab operations. It can also be done in a scripted automated fashion for automated workflows.

Start by going to Inventory > Plates and checking your plate record view.

Let's say we want to move the Plates with DNA materials from the 4°C Refrigerator to longer-term storage in the -20°C Freezer and the -80°C Freezer.

First, select the plates you wish to move.

Next, right-click anywhere in the highlighted region, and select 'Move' from the context menu that appears.

The dialog will prompt you for where you wish to move your plates. You can pick more than one destination as you move through the dialog, in this case, the -20°C Freezer and the -80°C Freezer.

When we have specified a location for all of the plates we are moving, the 'Submit' button becomes active and you can submit your moves to the system. The plate record view will now show the plates in their new locations.

This same procedure can be used to move tubes around the lab as well. Simply go to Inventory > Tubes and follow the same instructions as for plates!

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