Plasmid Prep Tool

Extract and purify plasmid DNA from transformed microbes

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The Plasmid Prep tool allows users to extract and purify plasmid DNA from transformed microbes.

This tool is useful in workflows where you've run the Microbial Transformation tool and executed its output worklist via the Execute Worklist tool to commit those transformations to the database. You can follow those tools up with the Plasmid Prep tool if you wish.

Inputs: Plates or tubes of microbial materials containing plasmids. Note that materials in the input containers will be consumed entirely. The user should also create an elution buffer from the Reagents library to apply to the destination plate.

Outputs: Plates or tubes of plasmids extracted from input microbial materials.

You can find more detailed definitions of the terms mentioned in this article in the glossary.

This tool consists of 3 steps, Selecting your inputs, Configuring destination plates, and a final review step:

Select a plate or tubes containing microbial materials with plasmids:

In the next step, first, choose a name for the Plate (or Tubes) where the purified plasmids will end up:

Remember to specify which solution you'll be storing your plasmids in. Here we've chosen our lab's default Elution Buffer:

Click on the Eye icon on the next step to preview the Destination Plate you'll be creating:

After hitting Submit you should see a screen like this:

You can click the "Created X Plate(s)" link to view the plate you've just created.

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