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Importing DNA Sequences
Importing DNA Sequences
Written by Daniela Alvarez
Updated over a week ago


The basic step to start working on a project or design is to import your DNA sequences. Sequences represent any piece of DNA, whether it is a plasmid you have in the fridge or a construct you intend to produce with an assembly.

This can be done by clicking on “Molecules” and selecting the option “DNA Sequences”.

The DNA Sequences screen has the typical library view.


To create a new sequence from scratch, click on the “new” green icon and fill in the required information. You will notice that you must enter data about it, not the actual sequence.

You can also add tags to your sequence by clicking on the “new” green icon on the “Tags” part of the window.

Once your new sequence is created, you will see an empty map (plasmid or linear, depending on what you indicated). You can directly paste your sequence from a FASTA file on the right side of the screen.

After pasting the sequence, you will see it on the sequence window (right), and a circular/linear map on the left side.

Notice that, when pasting your sequence, the platform locates and removes any invalid characters (i.e. numbers from a GenBank sequence).


To import many sequences, you can drag or select as many files as needed in a FASTA format (.txt) or .csv

Notice that any tags used will be applied to all the sequences.

Once your sequences have been created, you will see a notification window and the sequences will appear on the list. After that, you can open any of the sequences and see them on the main screen.

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