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Barcode: Open items by entering or scanning Barcode
Barcode: Open items by entering or scanning Barcode
Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
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Barcode’s can be used in the Build module to register and access inventory items across the platform. It can be accessed on the top-right section of the main menu next to the notifications icon.”

You can use a barcode scanner attached to your device to scan a barcoded item and enter it to your repository in the TeselaGen platform.

A barcode can be manually typed to open the corresponding item record that has previously been registered in TeselaGen’s platform.

Viewing and Updating Barcodes

You can view the barcode of items by going to the inventory.

The Inventory can be accessed from the BUILD module's top menu. You can choose your relevant item from the dropdown (plates in this example) and it will show you the plates inventory.

You can see the barcodes in the second column (4)

Click on the Update icon and choose Update Plate if you intend to change the barcode.

From the dialogue box you can edit the barcode itself and once done, click on the Submit to complete the process.

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