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Auto-Annotating DNA in Bulk
Auto-Annotating DNA in Bulk

How to auto-annotate your sequences using a feature or part list

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Many labs find it useful to have a curated set of annotations that they use to annotate all their DNA. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to bulk-annotate your DNA using Feature Groups.

This article assumes you've already created a Feature Group. If you need help doing that, please follow along with the steps in this article.

Navigate to your sequence library in either design or build:

Next select and right-click whichever sequences you'd like to Auto-Annotate:

In this example we'll choose to be adding Features but the same steps would apply for Parts. You should see a dialog like so:

Choose one or more of your Feature Groups to use to annotate and hit the "Annotate X Sequences" button. If you don't have any Feature Groups yet, or if you'd like to see more information about the groups you do have, you hit the Add/Edit Feature Groups link.

You should see a message that looks something like:

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