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The DNA Part Library contains and displays all parts of DNA sequences that exist in the DNA Sequence Library.

Right-click a part and you will be presented with the following context menu where you can open, rename, delete, add tag(s), BLAST, export and share a part:

Part Tags

Parts can be associated with a tag, to do so click the Tag option from the resulting menu (also performed with multiple parts selected). This will open a window where you can apply one or more tags to the selected part(s):

Click on a tag to attach (or detach) it to the part and Save. Users with Admin and Tag Admin roles can also create a new tag by clicking the “New Part Tag” button which brings up the “Create New Part Tag” window (see Tag Management).

The part library has the additional option to filter your items by tags, just open the "Search Tags" drop-down menu next to the search bar and select a tag to filter by. You can click a tag once to filter parts which have that tag, click the tag again to filter parts which don’t have that tag (illustrated with an X), click a third time and you can filter parts which have at least one of the selected tags (illustrated with a 1+). The tag filter options can be easily viewed below the search bar. These options are applied on top of other search filters to enhance the navigability of the library and maximize the efficiency of the search process.

Part Viewer

Much like the side viewer of the DNA Sequence Library, the Part Viewer shows general information about the part’s source sequence and the part. The Part Viewer will open upon a single click on a given part but can also be opened by clicking the "Show Viewer" button (identified by the red arrow in the image below).

The Part Viewer displays information about the currently selected part and a brief image overview of the part’s source sequence with the part highlighted.

Sharing information is also displayed in the viewer. It shows the number of users the part (and its source sequence) is shared with. Hovering over this button shows a list of collaborators for that sequence and clicking on it will open the "Sharing Settings" window.

Towards the bottom of the viewer, tags attached to the part are pictured. Beneath these tags there is a comprehensive list of the designs containing the given part.

Clicking the "Edit Tags" icon will open the tag window to manage tags for that part. Clicking the blue design icon will open the design containing that part in the Design Editor.

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