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Importing and Creating Protocols

Click “Protocols” in the Explorer to open the Protocol Library, a repository of protocols that have been created.

Importing protocols can be started by clicking the "Create / Import" button in the Explorer or by clicking the "Batch Import Protocol(s)" button at the bottom of the Protocol Library.

Creating protocols can be accomplished by clicking the "+" button next to Protocols in the Explorer or you can also click the "Create / Import" button and select "Create Blank Protocol" from the "Protocol" menu. This will bring up the “Create Protocol” window where you can designate a name, author, and version number. 

Clicking “Save” will open the newly-created protocol in a new tab that features a toolbar with text editing icons (undo, redo, font family, font size, alignment, insert table and link, print, etc). Once your protocol is ready click the "Save" button in the toolbar.

Attaching protocols to designs

You can attach a protocol to a design in the Design Editor by going to the “Inspector” panel > "DNA Assembly" tab and clicking the “Choose” button at the right side of the Protocol field.

This will open the Protocol Library where you can select the protocol you want to attach to the design by double-clicking on it.

Viewing protocols in DNA Assembly Reports

To view the protocol attached to a design, open the selected design's "DNA Assembly Reports" tab to view a list of all the assembly runs submitted for that design, then double-click on the desired Assembly Report to open it.

Attached protocols are displayed in the "Associated Protocol" subtab within the output "Protocol" tab and can be changed by clicking the "Change Associated Protocol" button.

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