Amino Acid Sequences
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Importing and Creating Amino Acid Sequences

Click “AA Sequences” in the Explorer to open your AA Sequence Library, here you can find a repository of amino acid sequences that you have uploaded or created.

Importing amino acid sequences can be accomplished by clicking the "Create / Import" button in the Explorer and then select "Import Sequences" from the "AA Sequence" menu or by clicking the "Batch Import Protein(s)" button at the bottom of the AA Sequence Library.
These actions will bring up the "Batch Import Amino Acid Sequences" window. From here you can either drag amino acid sequence files into the dashed area or click the "Browse for Amino Acid Sequences" button to upload an AA sequence file into the app.

To create an AA sequence you can click the "+" button next to "AA Sequences" in the Explorer or you can also click the "Create / Import" button and select "Create Blank Sequence" from the "AA Sequence" menu. This will pop up a "Create New Amino Acid Sequence" window where you will be asked to enter a sequence name and the AA sequence you want to create.

Editing an AA Sequence

To edit an AA sequence, double-click an entry in the AA Sequence Library or right-click an entry and choose the “Open” option. This will open the “Edit Amino Acid Sequence” window where you can edit the AA sequence and its name.

Along with the "Open" option you can perform other tasks from the right-click menu such as "Rename", "Delete", "Duplicate", "Export" and "Sharing".

At the time of writing this documentation, TeselaGen does not provide a way to edit AA sequence features in-app, although we do preserve existing AA sequence feature information on import and export.

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