The Library View

A quick overview of the TeselaGen library

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The library view displays all of your data of a specific type. Below is an example library view of the Strain Library. A brief overview of different areas of the library view is found below this image, with more in depth information contained in the following sections. 

  1. Metadata fields about the item are displayed according to the columns shown in the header of the library view. 

  2. All libraries can be searched using the search bar above the library. This search bar by default searches on the name of the library item.

  3. The library search can search on fields other than name by using the Filter button.

  4. A paging toolbar is found at the bottom of each library view. Here you can change pages and the number of items displayed on each page. The library view can also be refreshed by clicking the refresh icon on the paging toolbar.

  5.  The total number of items in your library, as well as the number currently displayed is shown at the bottom right of the library view. 

  6. Library view visibility options are available by clicking the eye button. 

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