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Validates lysate aliquots and adds them the "Lysate (raw)" extended property

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This tool takes in one or more plates of microbial materials as input. It validates the presence of lysate reagents in each well containing microbial material. The tool adds the "Lysate (raw)" extended property to the microbial material aliquots. The user will also have the option of adding and removing additional extended properties at the aliquot and plate level.

Input: Plates of Microbial Materials

Output: Plates with Updated Extended Properties

You can find more detailed definitions of the terms mentioned in this article in the glossary.


  • Before using this tool, the basic Extended Property "Lysate (Raw)" of type flag must be created for plates and aliquots. This can be done in App Settings.

  • Aliquots in plates to be processed should have Lysate Reagents. These are reagents with the "Lysate Reagent" tag. This can be done in App Settings under Tags.

  • At least one aliquot of each selected plate should be linked to a microbial material.

You can find the ‘Lysis’ tool under Tools > Tool Library. Click ‘Launch Tool’ to start using the tool.

The tool will walk you through several steps. You need to complete each step before proceeding to the next. After completing a step, the completed step mark (circle) will turn green with a checkmark. You can always use the ‘previous’ button to go back to any previous step.

1. Select Plates: Click on 'Select Plates' button to open the plates' selection interface. If there are no plates with extended property "Lysate (Raw)" of type "flag" you will get the following error message and will need to first add those extended properties.

If the extended properties are in place, you will see the following:

The next menu will display all stored plates. You can use the search bar to find any specific plate by its name. Select all the plates you want to apply changes by clicking on the checkboxes. Press 'Select Plates' button when finish.

After selecting the plates, they are displayed as shown.

If the plates do not have the right linkage to microbial materials you will receive this error message and you can fix the issue by adding a microbial material to one or more of the plate's aliquots.

Once your selection passes this pre-validation step, press 'Validate Materials' button to continue.

2. Update Extended Properties: If the selected plates/aliquots met all the requirements, the tool allows you to add the 'Lysate (Raw)' extended property to plates and aliquotes. You may also include some additional extended properties to be added to each object type by clicking on 'Add Extended Property' buttons on the plates panel (left) or aliquots panel (right). After setting all the extended properties to be added, press 'Submit'.

After submitting, a success message should appear indicating the number of updated plates. You may click on this text to check the changes

At the detailed plate view, you should see the 'Lysate (Raw)' (with value 'True') listed under the 'Extended Properties' title.

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