API REST (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) implemented for the TEST module.

Written by Eduardo Abeliuk
Updated over a week ago

The TEST module, in addition to making available services through a graphical interface, implements an API REST (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface). This API fundamentally offers two endpoints:

  1. GET /result: It receives the ID (Identification) of an assay or test as an input parameter and returns the data related to it. 

  2. POST //importer: allows the user to load or import data for a given test, experiment and study.

To access these API routes, TEST application users must enter their credentials, in order to provide an API that meets TeselaGen's security standards.  

This API is very useful since it allows you to interact with the TEST module without the need to do it through the graphic interface. With this, it is possible to import and export the data stored in TEST through programming scripts, enabling TeselaGen customers to automate their respective internal processes of experimental data management. 

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