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File formats (2/3: Design file formats)
File formats (2/3: Design file formats)

Troubleshoot: Know and learn about the file formats that TeselaGen supports.

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Design files

As you know, you can create and import your own designs to our platform by clicking the "New Design" option from the Designs library. In order to do that Design Module supports .csv, .json, .xlsx and .zip formats. We recommend you to read this article for more info about how to create and import designs. 

Similarly to the window for importing sequences, you may download design examples (.csv or .xlsx) and consider them as templates (Fig. 4). Also, if you want to import a .csv file with your design and need directions, you may read this article about how to prepare that type of file step by step. Alternatively, you may also load an example design choosing one of the assembly methods from the dropdown in the same window (Fig. 5). Afterwards from the "Design Editor" you may download it as .json file.

Fig. 4: Download design examples (.csv or .xlsx formats).

Fig. 5: Load one design example based on one of these six assembly methods. Afterwards from the "Design Editor" you may download it as .json file. 

Designs are exported in .json file format. As with sequences you can also download designs in bulk (.zip) from the library, just right-click on a design(s) and then select the “Export” option (Fig. 6). 

Fig. 6: Export a design from the "Designs" library in .json file format (a zip file will be downloaded if you choose to do it in bulk).

From the "Design Editor" just go to the "File" menu and select "Export" (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7: Export a design from the "Design Editor" in .json file format.

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