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How to load up the example designs that present different DNA assembly methods

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There are two ways to access our provided example designs:

i) When creating a new design, or

ii) When inside the design editor. 

When creating a new design, you are given an option to create a Blank Design or Load Example Design.

Hover over Load Example Design and select one of the five example designs available: Gibson, Golden Gate, Combinatorial Gibson, Combinatorial Golden Gate, Gateway. (You can read more about these assembly methods in this article.) Give your design a name and click submit. You will be directed to the Design Editor, which will be loaded with DNA parts that are defined in the selected example design. When you load up an example design, the parts associated with these designs will be automatically saved in the DNA Parts Library, which can be reused in other designs.

The image below is an example of a Combinatorial Golden Gate design. 

Another way to access our example designs and data is to click on the Help tab within the design editor, hover over Load Example Design and select the example design of interest.

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