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In the User Settings section you will find Personal and Admin settings.

Personal Settings

Profile - Here you can edit your First and Last Name and also customize the way you want to visualize and work with the Design Editor choosing from Classic, Horizontal or Vertical view modes.




Account - Here you can change your password and email.

Custom Design Icons - In the Design Editor you have a menu of SBOL icons to be used to identify the parts, however if you want to use your own you can upload them, the file types accepted are .svg, .png, .jpg, .jpeg and .gif.

Admin Settings

There are certain actions that only admins have authorization to perform. Those are:

User Management - Admins can add users and edit their information such as email, first and last name, and user roles.

Group Management - Admins can create and add members to a group/team by clicking the “Create Group” button, this will pop up a modal where you have to give the group a name, a description and select the members that will be part of that group. 

Double-click on a group to add/delete members. Delete a group by clicking the trash can icon.

Tag Management - An admin or a tag admin can create tags that can be attached to parts to better identify and search for them. To do that click on the “Create Tag” button, this will open a modal where a tag name and a color should be assigned to the new tag.

Logo - Upload your company’s logo, this will be displayed in the application's login page.

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