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Working with Libraries

The libraries of the TeselaGen application securely hold all of your essential biological information

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Accessing DESIGN Libraries

The TeselaGen platform includes a menu panel header at the top of the page which provides an easy, always accessible entry point to the libraries. 

Some of them have submenus with more related libraries. Simply click on the name of the library that you want to open.

The Library View

The library view displays all of your data of a specific type. Below is an example of the Sequences Library. A brief overview of different areas of the library view is found below this image, with more in depth information contained in the following sections. 

  1. Metadata fields about the item are displayed according to the columns shown in the header of the library view, you can sort and filter from here. 

  2. All libraries can be searched using the search bar above the library.

  3. A paging toolbar is found at the bottom of each library view. Here you can change pages and the number of items displayed on each page. By clicking on the gear icon you can customize the library to show the data you need. An option to refresh the list and make it full screen is found here too.

  4. The total number of items in your library, as well as the number of records selected is shown at the bottom left of the grid. 

  5. Clicking the Info icon will open a panel with more information about the selected item and a preview of the plasmid as for the Sequences and Parts libraries.

Sorting and Filtering Libraries 

To sort your sequences alphabetically just click on the arrows next to the column header.

To filter each of the columns of a library you can click on the filter icon next to the column header and choose from the dropdown menu the option that better helps you filtering.

Part Tags

You can use the filter option by hovering over each column and clicking the filter icon.

For the parts library you can do it by clicking the Filter by Tags button and selecting a tag from the dropdown or clicking directly on the tag that you want to filter by in the Tags column. The library will automatically display all the parts that have that tag attached to them.

To clear the filter simply click on the "x"

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