Creating Parts from Features

How to create parts from features on the sequence with the same name, length and position as the features

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The ability to create parts from features of DNA sequences allows users to reuse existing sequences and features to create DNA parts that can be used in designing new DNA constructs. Creating parts from features in your sequences can be accomplished from the Sequences library or in the vector editor. Let’s take a look at the two options.

1. From the DNA Sequences library: Select the sequence that contains the feature(s) that you want to create parts from and click on the option in the context menu “Create Parts from Features”. 

This will open a dialog with a list of all the features present in that sequence, you can choose one or more features that you would like to use to create parts.

After hitting “Create Parts” button the newly created parts will show up for the correspondent sequence in the Parts column.

Double-click the sequence and you will see the new parts in the Plasmid and Sequence Map in the vector editor.

2. From the Vector Editor: Double-click on the sequence that has the features you want to create parts from to open it in the vector editor. Select the feature, right-click to open the context menu and select “Make a Part from Feature” option.

This will automatically create a part that will be displayed in the Plasmid and in the Sequence Map as well.

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